Why is Sue Running?

  • Loves Whistler
  • Collaborative, experienced & hard-working
  • Financially responsible
  • To enhance and protect our assets
  • To engage the community and harness the positive energy

Falling in love with Whistler for the mountains, lifts, bike trails and lakes is a given, but another positive aspect for me are the great people and their wide range of creative energy that abounds as we all continue to make our community even more successful in terms of a wonderful lifestyle, healthy environment, and strong economy. Ever since I arrived in Whistler I have volunteered to be part of that energy and contribute back to the community. Given my professional and volunteer experience, I think I can now best make that contribution on Council.

The Right Fit – collaborative, experienced, open and hard-working

It’s great when our Council has diverse and complementary skills and I think the professional experience in health care and waste management I can bring to the mix is a useful addition. The collaborative and constructive tone that the current Council has set serves our community well and that is the sort of the team environment to which I would like to contribute to and help keep going over the next four years. I am a hard worker and voters can rest assured that, if elected, I will do my homework to be well-prepared on their behalf and be a respectful voice on Council.

I have a done a lot of stakeholder outreach in my professional career, so reaching out to Whistler voters – before and after the election – is important to me as is ensuring that the community feels that the RMOW operates in a transparent manner and reaches out to its citizens for input.

Financially Responsible

I applaud the current Mayor and Council for the firm rein they have maintained on muni’s finances and the thought being given to Whistler’s Reserve Fund so we have a solid plan and the financial resources to ensure that Whistler’s infrastructure is maintained, replaced and improved in an orderly manner well beyond the next Council’s term. Continuing on this sound financial footing for today and for the next generation of taxpayers would be a top priority.

Official Community Plan

Negotiating a revised OCP that works for Whistler residents and for our First Nations friends and neighbours will be one of the most important tasks for the new Council. As a very involved member of the Citizen’s Advisory Group for the OCP, and knowing with the existing document and the tremendous input from the community that guided it, I can hit the ground running and contribute substantively to the OCP conversation at my first Council meeting. It is my hope that the dialogue around the OCP between our local government and those of our First Nations neighbours will help pave the way for a strengthened and mutually beneficial relationship for the future.

Whistler 2020, the backbone of the OCP, continues to serve our community well but it is important that we revitalize it and capitalize on the tremendous investment of time and energy that the community contributed.

Local & Diverse Economy

Looking at how we can support and foster more small and medium sized local businesses will help us to diversify our economy. Local businesses tend to keep more of the income circulating within the community. Local businesses also help to improve Whistler’s sense of place and make a visitor’s experience special. In addition, the RMOW has developed the Economic Partnership Initiative which recommends adding cultural tourism products and education and learning opportunities. These initiatives will help to strengthen our local economy.

Whistler’s Environment

The importance of clean air, water and a clean, green environment overall was one of the overwhelming messages that came back through the OCP consultations and it is Council’s job, through a variety of  tools, to ensure that our local environment is maintained for both the benefit of residents and the resort economy upon which our town depends. I am also interested in decreasing the waste we produce. Whistler can benefit from some of the actions the provincial government is taking and the growing momentum around addressing food waste.

Climate Change

Climate change is already having an impact on many communities and Whistler will be no exception. Looking ahead and planning for these changes proactively will be important as well as reducing our contribution to the problem. Great work has been done at muni hall to reduce the greenhouse gases but transportation is a key issue as passenger vehicles contribute 58% of our greenhouse gas emissions. We should look at how to ensure people can use our existing infrastructure and systems and what are the most cost effective methods to provide services to people in ways that they need and will use.

Engaging the Community

It can be hard to get people to give their opinion to the RMOW outside of election times, but people really care about what happens here. Can we look at other ways to involve people and get their ideas? Could there be neighbourhood-based planning that asks residents what they would like to see? Are there services for our more vulnerable residents that we are missing? What can we do better to avoid surprising people with change and to make sure that changes work towards multiple aspects of our community vision? These are areas I would like to examine and would welcome your thoughts.


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