I was talking to some parents and others who have had other commitments during the all candidates meetings and have not seen the newspaper articles about the upcoming municipal election. They were asking where to go to get info on all the candidates so they could make an informed choice so here are key sources of information:

1. Candidates webpages


Shane Bennett (instead of website see https://www.youtube.com/user/whistlerpolitics/videos)

Nancy Wilhelm-Morden


Steve Anderson

Michael d’Artois

Jack Crompton

Pete Crutchfield

Jen Ford

Tristan Galbraith

John Grills

Andrée Janyk

Sue Maxwell

RMOW webpage with nomination papers

2. Local newspaper articles

See the Election 2014 section of the Whistler Question. It has all the articles to date including coverage of the all candidates events as well s a series of candidate profiles.

The Pique also has election coverage -click the link to see the series of articles.

3. Facebook -search for Whistler Politico to see a series of threads in which local politics and issues are discussed.

4. Twitter -search for #whipoli for related tweets.

5. Shaw TV -all candidates were invited to record a 2 minute video and this was shown Saturday November 8 at 10 am & Sunday November 9 at noon on Channel 4and are now available online (sorry looks like they have taken down the video from public access). Start around 19:17 minutes in to see the Whistler ones which come after the Squamish ones.

See a short video on mayoral candidates online.

6. RMOW website -look for details on who can vote, where to vote and when to vote on the website.

7. Candidates Responses to Surveys

There have been surveys sent to candidates from specific groups. See this page to see the groups with links to the responses.

8. Oct 29 All Candidates event -thanks to Shane Bennett and Pete Crutchfield for posting this video. See Pete’s page which has the video as well as the timing.


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